Lily liqueur, Labrador tea liqueur

Liqueur Lily is a unique digestif that offers an experience that will leave you speechless. Made with Labrador tea, an emblematic plant of the boreal forest known as an ingredient of choice for infusions, it releases subtle notes of fruit and eucalyptus with a slight bitterness. Other spices are added to Labrador tea such as balsam poplar vanilla buds, wild raspberry leaves and staghorn sumac to provide both a complex and comforting experience.

Enjoying it on rocks will allow you to discover lightly fresh menthol notes, but most of all, a pleasant distinctive vanilla sensation.

Lily, it's the gentle strength that watches over us. The perfect balance between power and delicacy.

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Labrador tea liqueur

This plant, emblematic of the boreal forest, is known for its medicinal properties. The infusion of Labrador tea leaves gives off subtle menthol and eucalyptus notes

Staghorn sumac

This deciduous shrub gives a light fruity taste. Its red color brings a natural coloration to the liqueur.

Wild raspberry leaf

During the infusion, the raspberry leaves release citrus notes.

Balsam poplar vanilla buds

This bud is from a rare tree variety and brings to the Lily liqueur a natural taste of cinnamon and vanilla